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Well I don't think anything is wrong with your application.  I just downloaded VLm-akes theme package and used your program to install.  It worked just fine.

It seems there is more to preparing a .jpg to be a bootsplash than just resizing it.  I'll try to figure out what that is.

Hmm... I think you're right. I have two different bootsplash themes to choose from by default and the images for those show the bootsplash picture looking different than the silent bootsplash picture. The bootsplash picture looks like the picture it shows when it's showing the bootsplash but you press Esc to show verbose. But if you have to do something to make the pictures different, why did it work for you when you made the tutorial? I wonder if saving the picture as "silent..." in GIMP is different from doing what I did in the script: copying and renaming the "bootsplash..." picture. But then, if you installed VLm-akes theme package, the script should have copied and renamed the "bootsplash..." picture just like it always does. And it worked for for some reason. By the way, I think my KDE bootsplash switcher isn't interfering after all. I'm still not sure what the problem is though.

In my tutorial I used the same picture for bootsplash-~.jpg as I did for silent-~.jpg.  If you look at std or VLm-akes pictures the bootsplash and silent differ.  The bootsplash .jpg's are used when verbose mode is in use and silent-~.jpgs when it is not.
You script is fine, it just uses the same picture for both, no problem there.

In my tutorial I used a picture from my camera, when I tried it this time I used a picture I downloaded from the internet that was 1280x1024 from the start.  That's the one I couldn't get to work.

I then tried some pictures that where emailed to me.  One worked and one didn't...go figure.

I am going to experiment a little more.  Maybe it's the x and y resolution, maybe it's the overall picture size in mb, maybe it's the EXIF data or subsampling, hell maybe '.jpg' has to be '.JPG'.

I'll keep playing with it.  I like the overall concept of your app though.  For users to take a favorite picture and make it there bootsplash that easily is cool.

 ;D I'll be waiting to see the final outcome. I've been meaning to make my own bootsplash for a while - running my laptop in 1280 x 800 frame bufer mode breaks the standard bootsplash.

Looking forward to the final version....


there are some guidelines for bootsplash jpegs, and bootsplash has some resolutions it is limited to.
resolutions supported by bootsplash are "640x480  800x600  1024x768 1280x1024" at 64k

--- Quote ---make sure the jpeg you are using has a pixels per inch resolution of 96x96
--- End quote ---


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