Author Topic: Vector Linux 6.0 Light on Eeepc 701 4G  (Read 9399 times)


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Vector Linux 6.0 Light on Eeepc 701 4G
« on: May 07, 2009, 07:28:56 pm »
I installed VL 6.0 Light on my Eeepc 701 4G with web cam recently.  I had described the experience as a respnse in the thread entitled Vectorlinux for Asus EeePC?  found in the general development category. 

What Works:

800x480 display (option offered with initial configuration during install)
Intel Sound
Web Cam
Wifi (although not very well on wpa or wep encrypted router)
VL Hot detects usb flash drive and external usb dvd/cdrom without difficulty.

What Doesn't Work:


Not Tested:

SDHC card ( mislaid my 4Gig SDHC card so am unable to test it at this time)


The default Xandros OS is the only linux OS that I have tested where wifi works well on both open and encrypted networks.  Every other distro has (with varying degrees of success) worked well with open networks but had some difficulty with encrypted networks.  Some refuse to work on encrypted networks at all while others will connect one time and not the next (but then hook up again later or not) and yet others negotiate a connection without difficulty but download speeds are similar to that of a dial up connection all the way up to about 25kb intermittently on dsl broadband.

WPA connection with VL 6.0 Lite falls into the latter group with connection speeds at or just above those acheived in dial up connections.  I have not tested it on an open connection but I believe it would be likely to perform well since most Linux distros that I have tried do very well with open networks.

Since that post I have reset my wireless router and setup wpa encryption from a fresh start.  I formatted the ssd on my little eeepc and installed VL 6.0 Light one more time.  I cut it down to the essentials.  I did install the touchpad drivers.

Eureka!  Wireless works with wpa out of the box at maximum available speeds on my DSL provider.  Go figure. 

I like the option to delay touchpad response while typing but prefer to have it off altogether.  I accomplished that by adding "TouchpadOff" "1" to the last line in the touchpad section in xorg.conf.

VL 6.0 Light is a bit cramped for space on this little 4G SSD but it is a very smooth experience.
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Re: Vector Linux 6.0 Light on Eeepc 701 4G
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2009, 11:22:12 pm »
Just done an install identical to yours! (VL 6.0 Light on ASUS Eee PC 701/4G). I can also attest that webcam and wireless works great! Had to set my SD card to automount on boot using VASM. I went with one large partition (no swap or separate home) and have about a gig free space on the ssd. Upgraded to 2 gig RAM. Now if I could just replace IceWM with KDE.....

Anyhow, anyone looking to put VL on an Asus eee pc; VL 6.0 is nearly perfect. Runs fast too!
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