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I decided to put up a new board as a help wanted site. The individual developers can post here for help with coding and hacking of their projects. I will also post for general help as it is needed. Developers you have an idea but want help this is the place.

The name 'Help Wanted' maybe is a bit confusing.

How about 'coders wanted' or 'vl developers' or even 'vl coders'?

Yeah... I agree. I'm surprised this board is not filled with a bunch of general questions yet.

The Headacher:
Stickied this thread so it stays on top... will now take out the trash (misplaced questions).

I have to agree that the name "help wanted" is kind of asking for trouble, perhaps "developers wanted" is a more suitable name, or something like "Help VL grow"  or something (just brainstorming a little here).

I agree that the name will get a lot of traffic that is not relevant to Vector's purpose. Although I suspected what this thread would be about just because it was Vector who posted it.


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