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Author Topic: Your conky config (~/.conkyrc) to share/show  (Read 7670 times)


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Your conky config (~/.conkyrc) to share/show
« on: June 21, 2009, 06:28:59 am »

Here's my current conky config (i.e. ~/.conkyrc)

Code: [Select]
# set to yes if you want Conky to be forked in the background
    background yes
    use_xft yes
    xftfont HandelGotD:size=9
    xftalpha 0.5
    update_interval 4.0
    total_run_times 0
    own_window yes
    own_window_type normal
    own_window_transparent yes
    own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
    double_buffer yes
    minimum_size 250 5
    maximum_width 250
    draw_shades no
    draw_outline no
    draw_borders no
    draw_graph_borders yes
    default_color green
    default_shade_color red
    default_outline_color grey
    alignment top_right
    gap_x 12
    gap_y 48
    no_buffers yes
    uppercase no
    cpu_avg_samples 2
    override_utf8_locale yes

    Date & Time ${hr 2}
    ${font Arial Black:size:36}${alignc} ${time %H:%M}${font}
    ${alignc}${Time %a %b %d %Y}
    System ${hr 2}
    Distro ${alignr}Vector Linux 6.0 Std
    Kernel ${alignr}$sysname $kernel on $machine
    Hostname $alignr $nodename
    Uptime $alignr $uptime
    CPU $alignr ${cpu cpu0}%
    ${cpugraph cpu0 ffcc00 ff0000}

    MEM $alignc $mem / $memmax $alignr $memperc%
    ${color 48a0d2}${membar}${color}
    File System ${hr 2}
    Swap $alignc $swap / $swapmax $alignr $swapperc%
    ${color f17f17}${swapbar}${color}

    Root $alignc ${fs_used /} / ${fs_size /} $alignr ${fs_free_perc /}%
    ${color ff0000}${fs_bar /}${color}
    Home $alignc ${fs_used /home} / ${fs_size /home} $alignr ${fs_free_perc /home}%
    ${color ff0000}${fs_bar /home}${color}
    Processes ${hr 2}   
    $processes processes ($running_processes running)
    Load Average${alignr}$loadavg
    NAME $alignr PID   CPU   MEM
    ${top name 1} $alignr ${top pid 1} ${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1}
    ${top name 2} $alignr ${top pid 2} ${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2}
    ${top name 3} $alignr ${top pid 3} ${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3}
    ${top name 4} $alignr ${top pid 4} ${top cpu 4} ${top mem 4}
    ${top name 5} $alignr ${top pid 5} ${top cpu 5} ${top mem 5}

    Network ${hr 2}
    Inbound $alignr ${downspeed wlan0} kb/s
    ${downspeedgraph wlan0 33ffcc 000099}
    Outbound $alignr ${upspeed wlan0} kb/s
    ${upspeedgraph wlan0 ffcc00 ff0000}
    Upload: ${alignr}${totalup wlan0}
    Download: ${alignr}${totaldown wlan0}

Now, if I can just figure out how to get a screenshot that shows it in action, I'd share that too!  :P

Old Man Zhymm

update:figured it out, thanks to Grannygeek <tips hat>
« Last Edit: June 22, 2009, 07:06:48 pm by zhymm »
If I were organized I'd be dangerous.


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Re: Your conky config (~/.conkyrc) to share/show
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2009, 06:38:40 am »

you can use shuttlebug to take the scrrenshot of your desktop...


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Re: Your conky config (~/.conkyrc) to share/show
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2009, 11:22:55 am »

Gimp does a pretty good job of capturing a screen shot. As below ( :) I hope...):

Hmm. That doesn't work. Lets see if this does....

Ok, that seems to work. I guess I need to find out how to upload an image directly. Anyhow, there's a screenshot made with Gimp.



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Re: Your conky config (~/.conkyrc) to share/show
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2009, 11:48:46 am »

Here is mine, just text , nothing special:
Code: [Select]
# Use Xft?
use_xft yes
xftfont Trebuchet MS:size=8
xftalpha 0.8
text_buffer_size 2048

# Update interval in seconds
update_interval 1

# This is the number of times Conky will update before quitting.
# Set to zero to run forever.
total_run_times 0

# Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)
    own_window yes
    own_window_transparent yes
    own_window_type desktop
    own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

# Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)
double_buffer yes

# Minimum size of text area
minimum_size 300 0

# Draw shades?
draw_shades no

# Draw outlines?
draw_outline no

# Draw borders around text
draw_borders no

# Stippled borders?
stippled_borders 0

# border margins
border_margin 5

# border width
border_width 1

# Default colors and also border colors
default_color white
own_window_colour white

# Text alignment, other possible values are commented
alignment top_right

# Gap between borders of screen and text
# same thing as passing -x at command line
gap_x 10
gap_y 5

# Subtract file system buffers from used memory?
no_buffers yes

# set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase
uppercase no

# number of cpu samples to average
# set to 1 to disable averaging
cpu_avg_samples 2

# number of net samples to average
# set to 1 to disable averaging
net_avg_samples 2

# Force UTF8? note that UTF8 support required XFT
override_utf8_locale yes

# Add spaces to keep things from moving about?  This only affects certain objects.
use_spacer none

CPU: ${cpu cpu}%   Home: ${fs_free /home}/${fs_size /home}  Up: ${upspeed eth1} kb/s   Upload:  ${totalup eth1}
RAM: $memperc%   Root: ${fs_free /root}/${fs_size /root}  Down: ${downspeed eth1} kb/s  Download:  ${totaldown eth1}
Battery: ${battery_percent BAT0}%    Date: ${time %a %d %b %Y}    Time: ${time %H:%M}

Here is a picture, conky appears in the upper left corner:
VL 6 Standard on a IBM Thinkpad X31