Author Topic: VL 6 login screen: password field disabled after entering user name  (Read 3326 times)


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I have logged in uneventfully before, but now I enter the username, "root", and hit enter and the cursor disappears from the text field, and it won't turn up again when I click on the text field, so I can't login.

I am not sure but I think it has to do with my changing language from default (English) to Spanish.

Edit: OK, I simply typed my password in the username field, copied it (ctrl+c), deleted and wrote "root", hit enter, pasted my password in the password field (ctrl+v)... and it worked, I logged in.  ::) Now the cursor still won't turn up, but if I click on the field and type the password and hit enter then I am logged in (previously this resulted in the username field being shown again). Only, the Orage application is launched (?).

Also, the Configure option in login screen does nothing, it only highlights the "[Icon] root" bit.
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